CeBit here we come


BindKraft will be a part of the national stand for Bulgarian companies at the CeBIT international expo in Hannover. We are participating with the help of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. From the 20th to the 24th of March this year, the expo visitors will be introduced to our latest IT products and innovative solutions created for helping business.

CeBIT is the largest, most international event in the digital industry. The unique combination of exhibitions, conferences, key note speakers and corporate events make it an ideal environment for doing business and sealing deals. It is considered to be a sort of measure for current trends in information technology. The expo reveals the new trends and latest achievements in the development of information technologies, and it helps attract new investors to the industry. Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, cyber security, autonomous systems and humanoid robots – these are some of the biggest technology trends in the current era of digital transformation, and they will be prominently featured at CeBIT. This year, the expo is expecting over 3000 participating companies, over 450 start-ups, more than 200 key note speakers, and over 200 000 visitors.

We are looking forward to making new contacts and finding new partners.

You can find us in Hall No. 005, at stand D60. We’ll be waiting for you!



The first alpha is through the door and we are convinced that we have made the right choices.

BindKraft, written entirely in OOP-Style, is very extensible and offers an already rich set of binding directives, windows, controls, validators, notifications through the object hierarchy, container-like constructs called apps, and a lot more.

The correspondence part on the server is called CoreKraft, written entirely in .NET Core. Its Cross-Platform support (e.g. executes on Windows, Linux and Mac), dedication to Open Source and very, very good performance, made it the best implementation candidate.

We are happy to announce that the foundation has been laid and new amazing stuff will be shared with you soon.

We started


A lot of Javascript-Frameworks nowadays are targeting the plain old vanilla page or Single Page Application (SPA) as their primary goal. Their concepts were created with this model in mind. With BindKraft, we would like to introduce a kind of paradigm shift and create a Javascript-Framework that helps the browser act as an Operating System (OS). Internally, we use the term Single Page Platform (SPP).

We are convinced that browsers will further improve both in performance and scalability. With BindKraft we will give developers the tools to better utilize this movement. By having everything (windows, communication, views and data) in one place, the Rapid Application Development of complex business applications is not far away.

We see ourselves as facilitators of the new business development to use browsers as Operating Systems.